Earthmoving and Hydro Excavation Services Throughout Toowoomba

The team at Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications are the earthmoving and hydro excavation specialists in Harristown, Wellcamp, Ballard, Withcott, Middle Ridge and throughout Toowoomba. We pride ourselves on being able to undertake any earthmoving and hydro excavation project you require, in conjunction with the utilisation of our plant for wet hire. We have completed projects in both the residential and industrial sectors, so no project is too big or small.

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Earthmoving Services | Toowoomba

Ezali has completed extensive earthmoving projects for Telstra, Ergon and Energex while also assisting with installing NBN infrastructure throughout Toowoomba. This has allowed the team to complete a range of projects for a variety of clients. The earthmoving services we provide include:

  • Trenching
  • Boring
  • Soil Removal
  • Pit Installation
  • Manhole Installation
  • Pipe Installation
  • And More…
Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications hydrovac vacuum trucks strip trenching in Toowoomba

Hydro Excavation Services | Toowoomba

When it comes to hydro excavation services, we are able to complete anything you require. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in hydro excavation services throughout Toowoomba. Our hydro excavation services include:

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Potholing in Toowoomba


The essential way to visually identify services for positive location without damage to underground services.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Trenching in Toowoomba


Non-destructive digging allows for no damage to services that could be in the trench path. It is also a clean cut and safer way to trench where there are known services and reduce the likelihood of damages which are costly.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Pipe Cleaning in Toowoomba

Pipe Cleaning

Flushing of conduits full of mud and sand etc with high pressure jetting nozzles and at the same time remove the excess waste.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Material Removal in Toowoomba

Material Removal

Utilising the suction hose to remove water, soils, sand, sludge, wet concrete etc from above ground or underground pits, tanks and manholes.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Understructure Boring in Toowoomba

Understructure Boring

Dig underneath existing structures such as footpaths driveways etc up to 5m wide. Some possibilities could be for installing stormwater drains, conduits and cables.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Excavation in Toowoomba


High pressure excavation around structures for removal such as poles, or the provision of holes for installation of pits, poles and buried services.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Strip Trenching in Toowoomba

Strip Trenching

If excavation of the entire hole is not warranted then a strip trench in the form of a cross can eliminate the presence of services before drilling, digging or boring proceeds.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications Installation of Rope in Conduits in Toowoomba

Installation of Rope in Conduits

Sucking a rope into occupied or vacant conduits for the purpose of hauling cables.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications provide unparalleled hydro excavation and civil services to your project.

We Offer Civil Services Throughout Toowoomba

Whether you reside in Harristown, Wellcamp, Ballard, Withcott, Middle Ridge or throughout Toowoomba, Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications are able to provide our civil services to industry sectors, including mining, construction and communication across Toowoomba.

Tell us how we can assist you in your projects completing by giving us a call or filling out our online enquiry form.

Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications hydro excavation vacuum truck onsite in Toowoomba

Need Mining, Construction or Communication Services? Contact Ezali!

The team here at Ezali are leaders in providing you with unrivalled civil services to the mining, construction and communication sectors throughout Toowoomba, including Harristown, Wellcamp, Ballard, Withcott and Middle Ridge. With over 8 years of experience, our vast knowledge of civil services allows us to never settle for anything less than perfection. Our plant hire is regularly serviced to ensure efficient project completion, so get in contact with Ezali for a free quote.

 Ezali Hydro Excavation and Communciations

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